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Sacred Heart School of Carpi

A celebration of the end of school yearThe Sacred Heart School in Carpi, "indispensable gift for generations of children and young people of today and tomorrow is a yeast and ferment necessary for our City of Carpi  which we all want and hope more and more full of humanity, fraternity and solidarity" (Elio Tinti, Bishop of Carpi, December 8th, 2011), is integrated in a larger educational complex in which other associations are involved in the formation of the young: particularly, but not exclusively, l’A.G.E.S.C.I. with the First Carpi Scout Group, the Effatà Association (an after school service for children with specific apprehension difficulties), The Hip-Hop-UP-prehend Association (an after school service for children with social and family difficulties), the sports Association “Carpine”, a school of music for the young, the Youth Catholic Action as well as the scout group  Carpi 1, all of which are involved in the education of young people.

On January 3rd, 1892 the test year of the new school began and the 7th of the same month the rules for the school are defined (Mauro Giubertoni "120 years of the Catholic School in Carpi". Commemorative booklet). It is surely not us, parents and friends of the Sacred Heart, who will let ourselves be overcome by the earthquake that struck us!




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