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At 4:03:52 on May 20th, 2012 a strong earthquake of magnitude 5.9, lasting twenty seconds, struck the region of Emilia, followed by many strong tremors in the same day and in the following days.

In the early hours, the schism causes 7 confirmed dead, about 50 injured, 5,000 displaced persons and substantial damages to cultural heritage, due to the collapse of many historic buildings, farms and factories.


On May 29th, a strong shock lasting 30 seconds, with a magnitude of 5.8 and a limited depth of 9.6 km is recorded at 9:00:03. The result is many buildings collapsing, also many of historical and artistic value, even among those already damaged by the earthquake of May 20th and, unfortunately, 20 new victims and at least 350 injured. The displaced rose to about 15,000.

Even Carpi, located about fifteen kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, has been hit badly.


“Squares, public buildings, schools, churches with their areas dedicated to social activities: deep rifts in places, in buildings, in the minds of the people! Many Carpigiani have lost, indeed, the security of their homes and businesses, experiencing consequently the anguish of those who no longer have their fundamental points of reference. I feel that I can say that the Sacred Heart Institute which I have the honor to lead, is one of the symbolic places of the presence of the Catholic Church in Carpi and of its tireless commitment to the education of young people and to the religious formation of their consciences. In May, however, one hundred and twenty years of our history, trembled violently under the earthquake.”

Prof. Franco Bussadori, Head master of the Sacred Heart of Carpi




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