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The brick

August 2012

At the end of August 2012 the Parents and Friends Committee of the Sacred Heart School of Carpi takes it's first steps. On September 5th, Alessandro, a Genoese friend who works in Milan, created the first leaflet with the "brick of the Sacred Heart", one of the recurring symbols in all the initiatives of the following months ...


With the help of parents, students, teachers and all school staff and many friends various initiatives were carried out (and many others are still being considered!) involving hundreds of people and allowing us to present our school in Italy and abroad and receiving solidarity from so many people.


Everyone’s effort has been rewarded beyond all expectations and this is a big boost for us to continue our efforts to give back to our children a safer and better reality!




Sport day in Cuneo for Sacro Cuore

Saturday, September 22nd 2012

Some friends in Cuneo organized a sport day (roller-skating, golf, mini-volleyball, soccer, etc.) for elementary school students: the proceeds were donated to the Sacred Heart.




Sports Exhibition and Italian Marathon

12-14 October 2012 - Carpi Stadium. Our first stand!

With the help of a friend, who was born in Carpi, we were granted a large space inside the stadium. The news of this possibility, however, arrived at the very last moment. Several dads and mums rushed to help and - working day and night - they made sure that everything was ready for the opening of the event! During the following three days many alternated at the stand and between several good laughs and also a little embarrassment we were able to collect more than 2,000 euro of donations!




The inauguration of the prefabricated modules

Saturday, October 28th, 2012

The inauguration of the prefabricated modules that would accommodate the school classes for several months ahead. After the ceremony, we all went to Martyrs Square, in Carpi, for our second stand: we offered cakes, sauces and other local products (alimentary and others)!

Dinner and Charity draw

November 17th, 2012 - San Marino Carpi

More than 400 people, including adults, teens and children participated at the initiative organized with the generosity of the "Friends for Life" volunteers!

Between one course and another there was time for a Charity raffle conducted with great skill by the principal of the school!


December 7th, 2012

After an incredible race against time that involved also some grandparents, 1000 pajamas finally arrive come from Bangladesh; they have been made in time record thanks to the commitment and generosity of special friends!

We immediately tried to organize everything in order that all the children who wanted to receive their pajamas, were able to in time for Christmas. "The happy machine” of the stands is put in motion again and, defying even the bitter winter cold, we proposed the pajamas were put on sale both in Carpi (in particular at the Borgogioioso mall and at the local hospital) as well as at Modena. In a few days the first 500 pajamas reached as many children!

hobbyist Association “Italy Scrapbooking”

December 2012

Solidarity has no territorial borders: the hobbyist Association “Italy Scrapbooking”, scattered everywhere in our peninsula, took to heart our Sacred Heart School and undertook to carry out and send (all at their own expense!) a mountain of small masterpieces of creativity and good taste. Cards, bookmarks, picture frames, and other objects began to arrive from everywhere and we started to immediately propose them on our stand. All of these dear friends working in anonymity contributed, and allowed us to see their creations literally flying off the shelves! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Christmas Concert

December 19th, 2012

Exhausted but happy, we could finally enjoy the Christmas Concert. At the viola a mother of a student of our school and at the piano an equally famous musician accompany the wonderful voice of a mezzo-soprano who completed this exceptional trio.

Children and parents are amazed!

Spring Concert

February 21st, 2013

2013 opens with the Committee very busy in preparing new "fund-raising" initiatives, but also studying the projects in which to invest the collected funds and filling in the details to be submitted to possible further funding Entities.

On February 21st, with another concert at the highest level we greet the arrival of spring and the upcoming launch of two major initiatives: a grand raffle and a Charity auction...

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