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“I still have in mind the words of Gabriele, our six year old son... «we did what the teacher had taught us and got under our desks till the tremors finished!».

What a great anxiety that morning... the mobile phones did not work and the fear that my wife (she was attending Mass in the Carpi Cathedral) and the kids (who were in a school 120 year old) could have been in danger... The prayers to their Guardian Angels... then the arrival in the school area, the helicopters, the entry to the centre of Carpi closed by firemen and policemen... then finally the liberating hug in the soccer field...”.

(from the facebook page of a father of three students who attend the Sacred Heart Institute the Sacred Heart Institute of Carpi, after the earthquake which struck Emilia region in May 2012).


The facebook post continued: “These, I believe, are the first impressions of an earthquake victim: fear for the safety of loved ones, the anxiety that grows from the lack of reassuring news and the breakdown in communications. And then, while the first fright slowly goes away and one realizes the gravity of the event, the thought goes to friends and things: the house, the church, the company, the school…”.


And at the end of August 2012 with exactly these feelings, shared by all the parents, the whole teaching staff and many friends of the Sacred Heart school, a simultaneous committee was set up which quickly grew and which, from the first moment, put all its resources to help the reconstruction of the School, severely damaged by the earthquake.


The main goal of this website, sustained and not only authorized by the Parent-Teacher-Student Association, is to offer a grateful testimony of the generosity of many people who, even from several thousands of miles away, have wanted to contribute to sustain the ancient walls inside our school, within which, for more than one hundred years, many men and women have devoted themselves to help and educate generations of the young and tried to transmit to them the precious values for a Christian way of life.




"Grazie di cuore a tutti"
(Thank you so much to everyone)

The video made after the first seven months.




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